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On-Demand Video/ Virtual Pilates Class Informed Medical Consent

Review the medical consent form below, and confirm your agreement through clicking on the button below.


Breath in Motions Pilates, LLC (“BMP”), is offering on-demand Pilates videos and virtual classes in lieu of in-person appointments. These sessions are designed to allow clients to continue their Pilates-based movement practices with BMP movement specialist from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.


  • Continuation of general strengthening, mobility and stability work

  • Continuation of Pilates education, including strengthening, mobility and stability work

  • Enhancement of both physical and psychological benefits of movement and breathing 

Possible Risks:

As with any in-person therapy or Pilates appointment, there are potential risks associated with unsupervised on-demand videos or virtual Pilates classes. These risks include, but may not be limited to:

  • Limitations with BMP movement specialist’s ability to personalize a client's unique, individual workout based on physical capabilities or acute/chronic injuries and/or pain 

  • Limitations with BMP movement specialist’s ability to see any physical abnormalities or errors in positioning or movement that could result in physical harm 

  • Possible connection issues with technology that could limit visibility or auditory capabilities between client and BMP pre-recorded videos or Zoom class connections

  • Environmental and equipment hazards and failures resulting from the patient's home and personal equipment


By participating in either on-demand videos or virtual classes, I represent that I understand, acknowledge, and/or agree to the following: 
  1. I understand it is my responsibility to choose videos that are most appropriate for my body based on the specific level system and descriptions of each on-demand video

  2. I understand it is my responsibility to follow modifications given by teacher or opt out of an exercise if it causes me pain, feels unsafe or I am physically incapable of performing the movement

  3. I understand it is my responsibility to discontinue any and all on-demand videos or classes if I experience, including but not limited to, increased physical pain, recurring physical pain, acute injury before, after or during on-demand class, or if told by a separate healthcare professional to discontinue 

  4. I understand it is my responsibility to discontinue on-demand or virtual classes and attend supervised Pilates classes if I have a history of chronic injuries, multiple surgeries, a need for support and increased safety with the use of Pilates equipment, or anything else that would keep me from performing on-demand mat classes safely 

  5. I understand if BMP uses a piece of equipment in the on-demand videos or virtual mat classes that it is my responsibility to ensure my own equipment is not faulty and used according to the cues given by BMP

  6. I understand that I am responsible for providing a safe and secure location for all on-demand and virtual classes. I further understand and acknowledge that BMP cannot ensure my safety in my own home. I agree that BMP has made no representations as to the safety or fitness of my home or chosen location for on-demand or virtual classes. 

  7. If I have been working with any type of physician, I have obtained clearance to perform on-demand Pilates sessions and/or virtual Pilates classes, and am confident in my ability to stay safe, and understand any physical limitations. 

By participating in BMP on-demand Pilates videos and/or virtual classes, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and information provided above. With this participation I agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless BMP, LLC for any and all damages of any kind that may result from participating in these on-demand videos. 

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